Would you like your supercar to generate income for you when it isn’t being used? Or maybe, you’re just finding it hard to keep up with the high running costs involved. Either way, here at Classic Parade, we have a ‘Profit From Your Car Program’ that can help you bring in some much-needed cash.

A supercar is a major investment, serving as a status symbol, while also attracting some significant costs. You’ll often need to pay to keep it stored in a secure garage and maintain it, while any future supercar purchase can also be affected by the amount of depreciation suffered by your current vehicle. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to offset those major expenses? Here at Classic Parade, we specialise in making sports cars available for hire, sometimes for as short a time as one day and on other occasions, for as long as a few months. Enquire about our ‘Profit From Your Car Program’ today to find out just how much your asset could make for you!


You don’t need to have looked at the news headlines any time recently to be aware of the financial pressures that more and more of us find ourselves coming under as a result of the recession. With widespread redundancies and existing pay packets shrinking in size, some of us can no longer afford luxuries like a supercar. Or can we?

You may have considered whether you can make extra money from your existing assets as a means of paying your outstanding bills and maintaining your present lifestyle. In much the same way as some of us buy properties to rent them out, some of us may also choose to let our sports cars, so that we can derive income from them.

While sports cars are highly desirable machines, they aren’t always easy and practical to use on an everyday basis. You might imagine exhilarating drives down country roads with the wind in your hair but, in reality, it might be just as likely that your treasured sports car ends up in your garage for week after week sitting idly due to a loss of interest or simply a lack of time.


As you can see from our website, here at Classic Parade, we specialise in bringing the finest high-performance sports cars to a wide range of enthusiasts, including on a contract rent basis. Accordingly, we can offer you the rare opportunity to let your luxury cars, allowing you to offset ongoing costs such as servicing, insurance, petrol and depreciation.

It all starts when you book a full consultation with us by emailing us at This is your chance to ask us questions and for us to help you to make the most of letting your luxury car without suffering any of the pitfalls. The consultation is free of charge and without any obligation and simply involves our discussing with you the pros and cons of hiring and how much you can expect to make from hiring out your vehicle. When you rent out your luxury car with Classic Parade, you are basically playing the role of the property landlord, with us as the rough equivalent of the letting agent. As such, we will essentially manage your investment for you, enabling you to cover all of your costs and to make a profit.


Classic Parade has been serving its luxury car contract rent clients for years, so we know how to ensure that a vehicle is fully insured, maintained and hired only by fully vetted and responsible clients. We enable a wide range of such individuals to experience and enjoy the luxury car lifestyle on a flexible and affordable basis and so, we naturally extend our courtesy and high standard of service to those valued clients who rent out their cars with us, making sure that their vehicles are always well looked after.

Let your car with the right luxury car contract rent specialist, Classic Parade. Simply contact us now. All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.