The Fully Comprehensive insurance covers, Insured and one Additional Driver, both of minimum age of 25 years. Charge for any other additional driver is £10* per day, £15* per weekend and £30* per week, subject to our insurers approval and is allowable for a maximum of 4 drivers.


Prices are based on drivers being aged 30 to 65 years. However additional insurance can be arranged for drivers aged 25 to 30 at a cost of £15* per day, £25* per weekend and £50* per week. All drivers must have held a full licence for a minimum of two years, must have no more than 6 current points on their licence, and are subject to approval on completion of a Classic Parade insurance proposal form. Any convictions for drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs; dangerous or careless driving within the past 5 years will not be accepted. The following vehicles are not available for hire by any individual under the age of 30: Aston Martin Vanquish, Aston Martin DB7, Aston Martin Martin V8 Vantage (2006 model), Audi R8, Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 355GTS, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari 430 Spider, Maserati Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster, Porsche 997 Cabriolet, Porsche 997 Turbo Roadster, Range Rover Sport (supercharged), TVR Tuscan, TVR Sagaris and TVR T350. Overseas licenses are accepted subject to the above conditions.


We require a Booking Fee of £100, which is non-refundable. Cancellations made 30-60 days prior to hire date – will receive 50% refund of hire charge, subject to a minimum charge of £100. Cancellations made 15-29 days prior to the hire date – will receive 25% refund of hire charge, subject to a minimum charge of £100. Cancellations within 14 days of the hire date are non-refundable.


(A) As a security bond
(B) As payments towards any mechanical damage which is not covered by our insurers, e.g., tyres, wheels, clutch, gearbox and any damage sustained during the hire period, excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse and abuse.
(C) As an insurance excess against any accidental damage or loss caused to the vehicle by a third party or the hirer. The hirer is liable for the amount shown as Excess Deposit. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is available to reduce this. Please see below.
(D) Additional charges incurred during hire for excess mileage and, or, petrol reimbursement charges. The Excess Security Deposit is as per the tariff.


Classic Parade liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge. No consequential loss liability will be covered.


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces your liability against accidental damage to the car, including theft and vandalism, regardless of who is at fault. At a nominal extra charge CDW is now available and if accepted, the liability will reduce as detailed below. This facility is restricted to UK Driving Licence holders only and is not available for one-day hire contracts, when travelling abroad, or any of the cars subject to a higher excess than £1,000.
CDW: Original Excess £500 – Reduces to £175 on payment of additional CDW at £50* per weekend or £100* per week. Original Excess £1000 – Reduces to £300 on payment of additional CDW at £75* per weekend or £150* per week.


The hirer may use the vehicle for the purpose of their business and for social domestic and pleasure purposes. The vehicles may not be used for any purposes for which they are not expressly designed. Further, the hirer will not use or permit the vehicles to be used for hire, driving tuition, towing, racing or pace-making, or for competing in any rally, or any other form of motor sport, track days, or for any illegal purpose whatsoever.


You will be provided with a full tank of petrol and the vehicle must be returned with a full tank. If, however, this is not the case any reimbursement for petrol will be charged at the pump price, plus £25 Administration charge +VAT.


Most of our cars may be taken out of the UK. Ireland (Eire) is not part of the UK. Prior notification will be required so that overseas insurance and AA Cover can be arranged. There will be an additional charge for this, and the Excess Deposit will be doubled.


Weekend hire covers from 12 noon, Friday – 12 noon, Monday. 1-day midweek covers from 9am to 9am the following day. 3-day midweek hire covers from 9am Tuesday to 5pm Thursday.


The mileage allowance is 150 miles a single day, 225 miles for 2 days, 300 miles for 3 days and weekends and 700 miles per 7-day week. Excess mileage is as per the current Tariff. Pre-paid miles are available at a reduced rate. N.B. Un-used pre-paid miles are NOT refundable.


Delivery can be arranged throughout the UK, at an additional nominal charge. 


All cars are offered subject to availability.


Prices are subject to change without prior notice, however once a car has been booked and a deposit received, we will not alter the price for that hire. All rentals are subject to Classic Parade additional Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the Hire Agreement and all drivers are subject to approval by Classic Parade and the companys insurers.


Car hire may be cancelled or re-arranged if:

  1. The weather is deemed inclement and there for not suitable for hire by the lessor, a suitable replacement date will be arranged or the hire will be refunded in full.
  2. There is a mechanical breakdown of the car, if this occurs and it is feasible to offer an alternative car for the hire the lessor will do so and will reimburse the cost difference for the hire of the substitute vehicle, should the lessor not have another vehicle available or if the hirer chooses to not have the replacement offered the lessor will either re-arrange the hire for another day or reimburse the hirer in full for the cost of the hire, the lessor accepts no responsibility or liability for cancellations under these conditions.
  3. The lessor retains the right to refuse hire of any vehicle to any one the lessor deems unsuitable for hire or whom the lessor feels do not fit the lessor’s criteria for hire or if the hirer’s age or licence details do not comply with the terms as set out herein.