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469 bhp
0-60 time
4.1 sec
Top Speed
155 mph

The high-performance C63 coupe from Mercedes-AMG was demoed at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. The C 63 coupe features a number of distinct design elements to set it apart from its tamer sibling. The most obvious is the aggressive front bumper, which features larger scoops to feed more air to the car’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 as well as to its high-performance brakes

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Classic Parade Chauffeur Driven Supercar Hire happily covers all of London and the UK. Every destination is reachable. Be it you are at a wedding in central London, the outskirts of Birmingham or in Brighton, we will provide a luxurious Rolls Royce or a powerful Lamborghini.

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The Ferrari 488 Spyder might be the best looking Ferrari made in the modern day. Lets be honest nothing can compare to a classic Ferrari, but when it comes to modern Ferrari’s there hasnt been much to go by in the looks department. But the 488 gives a new refreshing look to Ferrari and it is something that i am very welcome to myself.
The V8 ‘Powertrain’ gives enough power to reach 0-62 in 3 seconds… If you have never experienced speeds this quick, I would compare it to getting the skin ripped from your face, travelling round the world and getting slapped back on… ITS FAST!
The interior comes in different styles but my favourite being the black leather with red accents looks awesome, the eye popping contrast in the colours are jaw dropping, and the incar entertainment is out of this world.
The car handles like a dream, its like you are superglue’d to the road, I just dont know how they do it…

The car is special to me as it gives a new look to Ferrari as a whole. In my opinion it is the best modern Ferrari to date.
If i could change anything about the car, I would make it slightly bigger. Personally i think the car is small, but in some respects this has its advantages. And honestly it makes the car a little rocket.

I have not had much experience driving super cars, so without a doubt this is the best car I have ever driven, and i can safely say it is the best car i will drive for a long time.

The Ferrari 488 GTB is the reigning best supercar of this century in my humble opinion. It is so much better than the previous Ferrari 458 Italia. Previously owned the 458, and now looking to purchase the 488 Spyder after hiring it.

A very worthwhile weekend investment or even to hire for a few days.


Just an insight, it is impossible to enjoy this car on public roads, to fully understand a snipet of it’s abilities, you will need a track!!!

BMW’s M4 has powerful and intimidating styling, as we know, the power flare on the arches solidfy its presence and performance abilities 100%.

I am particularly keen the on the gear change which is lightening fast and razor sharp typical BMW handling. Ill have an M4 over the new Lamborghini Huracan any day, and i know this because I have hired both.

I’ll hopefully hire this car through Classic Parade again next summer.

It is not the fastest cat in town, and it does not corner like a Porsche GT3 RS, however the Aston Martin DB9 is desperately super cool. It just is, end of conversation.

A fantastic balance of precision and aggression from a world leading supercar and track vigilante.

Lamborghini Aventador SV

This is the Lamborghini Aventador SV which has unbelievable power which is 740hp (Horse Powers). This Aventador SV is for those who don’t think the original Aventador dosen’t have much power and speed and need an upgrade. Also if you really want to try this car out to see if it is your type make sure you hire one of these from Classic Parade so that you know how it feels to be behind the wheel. So first of all I will start talking about the Engine of this 740bhp beast!

About the Engine and Gearbox:
So starting of this is that this Lamborghini features an upgraded powertrain (the mechanism that transmits the drive from the engine of a vehicle to its axle) with maximum horsepower increased to 750 PS (552 kW; 740 bhp) from the standard coupe’s 700 PS (515 kW; 690 bhp). The Aventador SV’s 6498cc normally aspirated V12 is its centre piece.Compared to standard Aventador power has risen by 50bhp, although the peak torque figure (509lb ft at 5500rpm) remains the same.

The SV’s gearbox has been improved over early Aventadors. Its low speed manners have been refined and the shift strategy around towns and cities is no longer quite so frustrating. At higher speeds the gearbox lacks the immediacy of the latest twin clutch units.

About the Interior:
The SV’s interior looks more like a fighter jets cockpit than a car interior. This will definitely give you the unique driving experience. However the Bucket seat’s of the SV are a con as they are very thinly padded and they lack lumbar support, which makes them uncomfortable even on short journeys. On long journeys the seats can be more painful. The seats are also high which means headroom is limited for those over six-feet tall. But it is an Aventador SV, who wouldn’t want such a powerful car. That aside, the seating position is very good with lots of reach and rake adjustment to the steering column. The view forwards is very good and rearward visibility is actually good for these type’s of cars. With two big door mirrors and a reversing camera parking maneuvers are surprisingly manageable. The Aventador uses an outdated Audi infotainment system. For the most part it works just fine, but there’s no option to play music from a mobile device via Bluetooth and there is no USB port. Instead, Lamborghini offers an alternative type of port for mobile phone connectivity that’s never as convenient as a USB. The carbon fiber door cards look the part, but with speakers mounted within them they reverberate heavily both to music and speech. There is no oddments storage space in the cabin whatsoever, nor any cup holders, although the front boot is quite generous.

About the ride and handling:
There is just enough pliancy in the ride in Strada mode (There are three modes for the Aventador SV’s 1. Strada which is basicly comfort mode. 2. Sport which is sport mode. 3. Corsa is when you wan’t to reach the top speed or use the most power of the car) for the chassis to deal with sunken drain covers, pot holes and the like in a relaxed, settled way. he SV certainly doesn’t ride in a discomforting, back breaking manner, but with so little suspension travel the car will crash over bigger intrusions. In comfort terms the lack of padding in the seats is much more of an issue. The carbon fibre tub that forms the backbone of the car the SV feels incredibly rigid, with no sense whatsoever of the structure deforming in hard cornering or shuddering over a rough surface. The only real dynamic issue is that the Strada, Sport and Corsa drive modes are not configurable, so as you ramp up through the settings you get weightier steering and stiffer damping along with the sharper throttle response, quicker gearshifts and more vocal exhaust. That’s a shame because the steering is at its best in Strada mode and on many of the UK’s back roads the tautest damper setting is simply too aggressive. Compared to the standard Aventador the SV feels more excitable at the rear axle, but never to the point of instability. With more power and a 50kg weight reduction it also accelerates more violently and snaps into corners with less inertia. The carbon ceramic brakes are impressive in their sheer power, but with a slightly dead pedal anywhere short of full force it’s not unusual to approach a corner with your heart somewhere in your throat as you wonder if the car will stop. Of course, it always does. The four-wheel drive system doesn’t allow for any tail-out antics but there is an enjoyable impression of the car being driven from the rear when exiting a corner under power.

What make the Lamborghini Aventador SV Special?
It’ll hit 62mph in 2.9 seconds, a tenth down on the Aventador SV Coupe, but the 217mph top speed is identical. Like the Coupe, a sub-seven-minute Nurburgring lap is within grasp – that’s just a few seconds behind the Porsche 918 Spyder. It’s also very special as 500 SV’s will only be made. The most amazing thing that makes this car special is the Doors. The so called ‘Scissor Door’ is the one that attracts the most attention. Once you see these door you will 100% fall in love with this car.

The best car I have Driven?
I have to say I have never driven this car but one of my friend have and I will be writing on what he has said about it. “The Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce has no carpet, sound deadening, USB ports, Bluetooth phone pairing, cruise control, nor any warning labels. And sometimes, like whenever its cooling fans operates, it produces mechanical noises no car this costly should make.In other words, it makes no apologies for being what it is: A brazen exotic made for those who enjoy center stage and have the resources to ensure they remain there. Did we mention it starts at £315,078? The Superveloce, a lightened and more powerful version of the four-year-old Aventador, is a very fine piece of gra­tui­tous­ness indeed. It was created as much for shock value as for driving reward.

What would I change?
The one and only thing I would change on this SV is the Seats. The seats are just uncomfortable, even on short journeys and the seats should be changed into comfortable seats which anyone can handle sitting on while on Long journeys or short journeys.

How do I feel about the overall look of the car?
So onto the last question, how I feel about the Look of the car? This car looks like a spaceship with those doors and the rear exhaust. Having heard that exhaust, it will make your ears bleed on how loud it it. Anyone who would love to feel this Spaceship should hire this of Classic Parade. You will never regret on paying that much to hire this Bull.

the Aston Martin DB9 is in a class of it’s own with supercar status. This British V12 car can be considered as all time great.

However, it is move of a long distance GT cruiser that a pin point sharp race car.

Beautiful all round!

Wow, this is an all-time super of all supercars when it comes to handling, agility, and alongside power delivery.

I hired this car on a short term rental in London, if you are into performance cars – you’ve gotta try out the GT3!!

If you can’t buy one, rent one.


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