Things to consider when hiring your first supercar

Renting an exotic supercar is one way of fulfilling one of your fantasies. Either to ride the car to get the thrill of a lifetime without punching a hole in your pocket, or to match or define a special occasion, nobody can deny the experience will be worthwhile.

We agree with you that driving those marvels of engineering with finest accessories are a privilege. A supercar rental is just your window to join that exclusive group of supercar enthusiasts.

For every first time renter, Classic Parade – supercar hire UK would be glad to provide some tips to the first timer to make the experience worth your every penny spent.

Here are our top tips to guide you on what you should consider when renting a supercar;

Consider your budget and the way rental is calculated

Read and reread the conditions. Calculate the amount you could allocate for the initial deposit, the rental, extra payments for delayed handing over, insurance cost. Seek for any hidden rates and fees. Reputed companies like Classic Parade UK, declare every fee in the rental quote.

Be ready with your mileage before signing on the papers. Rental will be less expensive if driven by a single driver. Keep in mind the time you have to hand over the supercar. It is as simple as that – The simple little things to make your hire wonderful, avoiding hard feelings. Supercar rentals will be higher on weekends than weekdays.

Search for the best fuel economy

You don’t rent a car if you don’t mind the expense. Check for the best fuel economy, because when the car is handed over to you with a full tank of fuel, it is to be handed over the same way. You must know the type of fuel to put into the selected supercar.

Some cars dip their weight in gasoline for a ride. Know your supercar before you hire it. Add that cost to your expenses. It is the best way to avoid regrets.

The driving style of the event – glorify or to run around the race track

Get the best car hired to match your purpose. A wedding needs more glamour than sound vigour. Understand the capabilities and drawbacks of your supercar before placing it in your toolkit to make your dream a reality. Not like humans, machines are capable within set limits. Think ahead of the climate, season and the route you are going to take before placing your signature on the rental.

Many supercar hires have a very friendly staff to sort out your complex problems. Multilingual courteous staff as in Classic Parade UK is a luxury itself.

Check the insurance clauses closely

Insurance companies declare many conditions on their paper. Your best rental car company will have best clauses for you.

A loss damage waiver is an insurance type, which the supercar company waives off its right to charge you for any damage to the vehicle. Supplementary liability insurance gives cover if a person sued you for injuries or damages in an accident. A personal accident protection will cover your medical bills up to some extent or even death in an eventuality of an accident with your rented supercar.

Check the vehicle before taking the car out

Inspect your vehicle before taking out. Report any damages you noted to the exterior or interior. If not the damages noted after your trip will be charged from you.

Know and Follow the rules

Know the country rules. Some countries do not allow cars manufactured in another country (Ex: Switzerland and EU), some have speed limits etc.

Finally, see whether a crash course to drive the supercar is available with your rental service. You could be sure about the condition of the vehicle if there is a showroom to visit. That indicates they have a proper business of their own cars, which looked after properly. Check for complimentary services (for ex: delivering your car at your doorstep and collection), free mileage, because a good company looks after its customers well. After all, you should not be in trouble with fake companies.

Classic Parade UK is a reputed supercar rental company who care for their service. Our multilingual courteous staff will be at your command, to deliver the dream supercar and to collect.

Call us at +44(0) 333 355 3595, or e-mail, for further details. Let us know that you need a chauffeur or our guaranteed VIP service. Available 24/7 you can contact us through our website, or find our hire locations to have a personal visit at

We are proud to be at your service.

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