Supercar of the Week: McLaren 570s Spider

This week’s supercar is the McLaren 570s Spider.

If you want to drive a car that screams sports car ego from a mile away, it’s time to consider the McLaren 570s Spider. Not exactly overwhelming in size or in noise, the precision of hardware presents more for less with this kind of luxury sports vehicle. Accessing a 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds feature, simply press down the throttle only 20% with your foot to effortlessly zoom away from all other cars at the stoplight by your side.

Sounding exotic, powerful, and sustained at its top speeds, one could describe the top speed in the Spider as something that “roars.”

Different from other McLaren predecessors, the Spider features a traditional suspension setup, which makes it more of a sports car than a smooth Rolls Royce counterpart. Saddled with amazing hydraulic steering capabilities, it’s easy to gain control over the Spider even at peak speeds.


The Spider paddles shifters for the seven-speed dual-clutch are made from unfinished carbon fiber, just begging for shifting. The car comes with three different modes for powertrain: normal, sport, and track, all equipped with their own shifting settings that were similar to the 675LT released just a few years ago. Electronically boosted, the car sends a little feedback from the road as you take off, which is always nice to receive in the driver’s seat.

Many review sites all agree that the top defining feature of the Spider is that it looks double its value when pulled away from the dealership.


With an instrument panel that is easy to decipher on the fly, the leather craftsmanship and attention to detail witness in the interior of the Spider are top-quality. Equipped with a satisfactory infotainment system, this car is more about high speeds, quick turns, and flashy driving, than it is sitting around and pulling up to luxurious dining spots.

• 3.8-litre twin turbo V8
• 562bhp and 443lb ft. of torque
• 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds
• 0 to 100 in 6.3 seconds
• 3,300lb curb weight
• Infotainment centre

Classic Parade

For power, price, and performance, no other sports cars come close to the McLaren 570s Spider today. Priced far lower than other sports car counterparts, the Spider still screams a valuation of half a million dollars when heard speeding down the road. Built with precision, it doesn’t come with the obnoxious noises and engine ruts. It’s combining elegance and refinement with an old-fashioned sports car experience that witnesses 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds. Good luck trying to find a counterpart on the market!

That’s why we’re so proud to add the Spider to our growing fleet here at Classic Parade. We are constantly researching new and available supercars that will transport you to your most forbidden destinations. We feel the Spider reflects our commitment to detail and quality performance, which is what we want to provide to you – every single time.

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