Supercar of the Week: Bentley Bentayga

This week’s supercar is the Bentley Bentayga.

Impressively claiming a top speed of 187mph, the Bentley Bentayga holds the title as the fastest SUV in the world. Made possible through its twin-turbo 6.0-liter W-12 that reaches 600 mp, the Bentayga comes with an eight-speed automatic drive on all four wheels, making it a mighty sturdy and reliable vehicle for any kind of adventure or outdoor excursion.

Versatility configured inside, with the options of 4 or 5 extra seats that have been fitted with the finest leather, the car also comes with 22-inch wheels, rear-entertainment tablets, and a 1950-watt audio speaker system that produces the best sound quality within any SUV vehicle today.


If you want a vehicle that drives as smoothly as possible, produces absolutely zero noise, yet is still saddled with a 600-horsepower strong capability, take a look at this luxury SUV. Carrying a 664-torque and a 0 to 60 mph feature that only takes 4 seconds, the SUV won the title of fastest SUV in the world in Nurburgring, Germany just this year.

First debuting in 2015 after four years of development on the “EXP 9 F Concept” predecessor, this latest version makes updates on all of the previous shortcomings. Today, it embodies British heritage by pairing reserved styling and a hand-crafted interior with a massive W12 engine. It makes 80mph feel like 45mph, which is something to take note of when driving this car down the street.

Equipped with more than a dozen different driving modes, try turning on the “Sport” mode for the fastest, uninhibited speeds. Additional modes include Pedestrian Warning, Reversing Traffic Warning, and Traffic Sign Recognition, with beeps, signals, and lights to help you stay protected.


Referred to as one’s “gilded, leather-throne processional through any highway,” this is an SUV that is truly a first of its kinds. The SUV looks as regal as it drives, from the front to he back, with an enormous matrix grille. Take in the four round headlights, trimmed by brilliant LEDs, that look like they could be sprinkled with gems. If you’re looking for street cred with an SUV, this is the only one that is going to deliver.

• Top speed of 187mph
• 6.0-liter W-12
• 600hp
• Eight-speed automatic drives
• Four-wheel drive
• 20 speaker audio system

Classic Parade

Here at Classic Parade, we understand our renters need a variety of options for their travels and trips ahead of them. If you have things you need to pack or extra people along for the ride, consider the Bentley Bentayga as your SUV of choice. Able to get you from Point A to Point B much quicker than any other 5-passenger vehicle, sail through the roads with little noise, movement, or bumps, providing you with a trip that feels like you’re in a luxury supercar. Of course, don’t forget to turn on the incredible audio system. After all, what are road trips without a perfect soundtrack?

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