2019 Mercedes AMG GT 4door coupe 

The four-door coupe Mercedes AMG GT launched at 2018 Geneva motor show is different in many ways to the other models of the Mercedes, while represents an amalgamation of super bits into a superior version of the range. We have to agree the car looks gorgeous, performs brilliant, super luxurious.

The supercar coupe is a four-seater, with four doors it is a family vehicle. The muscular appearance has been trimmed with smoother bodylines, which draw the eyes along the roofline that gradually bends downward producing a slimmer look inspiring speed. The huge vertical bar grill is an adaptation from the top runner of two car races in 1952, 300SLs indicating the supercar is set for performance.

There is more to talk about the looks – headlights are unique in design the air inlets are covered with a wide framing to give a mightier look. The hood is flatter and the cabin is longer than other Mercedes versions.

The cockpit is with all modern equipment, steering at a comfortable angle, the control of the drive and inner climate of the Mercedes AMG GT supercar is on a 12.3-inch high tech screen. Many controls mounted on the steering wheel for better ergonomics. There is a centre console blended into the curves and trims of the extreme finishing.

The best of the Mercedes AMG GT is it has a range of its own to match with the customer requirements.

There is a base model – GT 53 – 3.0lt inline-six engine producing 429hp with a 384lb-ft torque accelerates at 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds with the support from its mild hybrid system. The top speed of the model is 174mph. The transmission is 9-speed AMG Speed shift MCT system.

The mid-level model – GT 63 – has a 4.0lt twin-turbo V8 to generate 577hp and 553lb-ft torque can prance to 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds. The top speed is 193mph. the transmission system is a 9-speed AMG speed shift TCT system.

The topmost of the models – GT 63 S – mounted with the same V8 engine of GT 63, generates 630hp with 627lb-ft torque dashes the road with 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds to a top speed of 195mph with the transmission system same as in GT 63.

The supercar Mercedes AMG GT versions are designed with stiff chassis anti-roll bars. The three versions have different features to match the performance. Even the louvres respond to the driving style lowers and rises to break the wind resistance for better handling.
With all those there is no wonder, everybody wanted a Mercedes AMG GT 4 door coupe.

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