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The British car and engine manufacturing company Triumph actually originated in Nuremberg, Germany in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann (1863-1951) started importing bicycles from Europe and selling them in London under the name S Bettmann & Co.

The Triumph trade name was introduced the following year and in partnership with Moritz Schulte started making their own bicycles in Coventry in 1889.

In 1902, the company then progressed to motorcycles and by 1918 became Britain’s largest manufacturer of such vehicles. But it wasn’t until the acquisition of the Dawson Car Company in 1921 that Triumph finally moved into car production with the introduction of the 10/20 followed by the Triumph Super 7 in 1927.

In 1930, the company became the Triumph Motor Company, though its history was a troubled and complicated one. A decision was made to shift car production to the luxury end of the market resulting in the introduction of the models Southern Cross and Gloria.

Financial problems beset the company, however, leading to the sale of the Triumph bicycle and motorcycle businesses in 1936. The introduction of the Triumph Dolomite in 1937 did not revive the company’s fortunes and in 1939 the Triumph Motor Company went into receivership with the ownership passing to Thos W Ward. But the Second World War again stopped the production of cars and in 1940 the Holbrook Lane works were completely destroyed by bombing.
In November 1944, the remains of the Triumph Motor Company were bought by the Standard Motor Company with production transferred near to Coventry resulting in the Triumph Roadster from 1946. From 1953, the TR series of sports cars began with the TR2 and continuing until 1981.

Standard-Triumph was bought by Leyland Motors Limited in December 1950 and further mergers resulted in the formation of the British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1968. The last Triumph model was the Acclaim introduced in 1981 and the Triumph name was retired in 1984. Coming full circle, the Triumph trademark is owned currently by the German car manufacturer BMW when it bought the Rover Group in 1994.


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